Therapy in English

Expat Life

The life of an expatriate is full of challenges, new discoveries and new beginnings. As an expat you may face many changes – different people, customs, buildings, physical environments and food. Generally this lifestyle gives many positive emotions, excitement and stimulation. However, these changes may confuse you or make you unsure of yourself and your decisions. Living away from what is familiar and from your usual support network, can be isolating, frustrating and can make you feel homesick and depressed.

Sometimes you may just want to talk about how you feel, share your doubts, your emotions or you want to be listened and understood.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

I can be helpful when you experience:


Seeking professional help (counselling, psychotherapy) can help you understand your difficulties and find best solutions to your problems. Counselling sessions tends to be relatively short term and focuses on current personal difficulties.

Psychotherapy is a longer process which helps people to understand the deeper roots of their present problems.

Usually you meet weekly, the session time is 50 minutes.
On the beginning, after exploratory sessions, you agree terms
and conditions (eg. therapy goals, time, payment).

Solutions are many and varied and always unique
to the individual.

About me

Izabela Chwilczyńska – Sadecka
MA in psychology, psychotherapist, trainer of personal and social skills. I work using methods of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) which is very popular and effective form of short term psychotherapy. The efficacy of CBT has been proven in various empirical studies. At the moment I am attending School of Psychotherapy at Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Center in Warsaw (partner of Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre) where my workshop is under constant supervision.

If you want to learn more and to arrange a visit:
please call me at +48 696 574 873 (confidential)
or email me at: